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Updated: May 11, 2018

Hi everyone, Garrett here.

Yes I'm back for another run at GO GARRETT GO...another chance to raise more funds for "kids who can't" play sports due to illness.

I know this might sound repetitive (if you've been through the website) but I can't believe that I am actually doing this. When I entered high school and played for my school team, I tried to run GO GARRETT GO but could not get the school to support it (due to charitable support guidelines). I thought I would never again be in a position to do it.

Well I was wrong. Not sure if it is fate, just what I'm supposed to do, or what, but the stars just aligned (quickly) and here I am. A short time ago one of the coaches from the Western Mustangs approached me and asked if I would play this summer for the London Junior Mustangs. I had no idea I was still eligible to play. Turns out I am. Being eligible was one thing, being able to play was another...the reason being while I go to school in London, I'm from Oakville and playing for the team meant Tuesday and Thursday practices in London (until 10:30 at night). I had to find a way to make that work. Surprisingly, I did. I'm in London Tuesday to Thursday and in Oakville the rest of the time. A bit of working getting there and back but worth it.

So here I am, Thursday May 10th, and its been a great day. We launched GO GARRETT GO today! I'm excited to start raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals so that we can help "kids who can't" play sports due to illness.

I hope you all help...whether you are a football fan, a baseball fan, a hockey fan, a soccer fan, a volleyball fan, a field hockey fan, a basketball fan, a track and field fan, a swimming fan, whatever. I am so thankful everyday that I can play a sport and want to do everything I can to raise money to find cures for illnesses that afflict children and keep them from playing. Please help me help kids...pledge today!

Talk to you again soon! Pledge today!

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